Herman Brock Sr. and the F.F.F.F. Band

Herman Brock Sr.

Herman Brock Sr., the legendary European singer/songwriter for the Fat Freddy's Freak Federation (F.F.F.F. band), well remembered for shocking the Dutch and Belgian bluesscene many a time during the 80's
with his 'straight to the point' live-shows.

"It's all about hungry emotions, the rest is baloney"

Herman Sr. was born in 1947. A controversial poet (upon receiving a poetry award his 'victorial poem' got censured by the organisation, which did not keep him fom reciting it), author, painter, singer, songwriter.

Herman Brock Sr. started playing in his first band at the age of 13, worked in studios, for record labels, printing companies, played in Germany for 5 years in an American bluegrass band: G.I Giants. In 1984 he formed the FFFF Band, rooted in the traditional American music styles: Blues, Country, Bluegrass, R&R, Rhythm & Blues, Cajun and Rock. His blue-yodeling caused nightmares to many blues aficionado. Sr's longest live-song ever was well over 47 minutes (he still regrets not making the whole hour).

Herman Brock Sr. & Jr.